Highly specialized engineers and designers

A highly specialized team of engineers and designers

BL-SOLUTIONS S.R.L is a multidisciplinary engineering company established in January 2021 that deals with structural engineering services, ranging from the design of new structures to the recovery and consolidation of existing and monumental works. The company was born out of the experience and union of its young engineers specializing in various sectors of civil engineering: Gianluca Balloni together with Massimo Lapi are the CEO and founders of the company.

Both of them developed their studies at the Engineering Department of the University of Florence, and offer excellent experience in the field of structural and infrastructural engineering, with particular regard to seismic vulnerability studies and interventions aimed at reducing the seismic risk of preexistent buildings.

Gianluca Balloni, Engineer,

Director of the company and Civil Engineering freelancer, he is registered in the order of engineers in the province of Florence, under no. 6912 from 28-04-2015, and he has gathered his professional experience by dedicating himself to executive structural design in both the linear and non-linear field in integrated BIM designs and to construction management in the civil engineering sector. In particular, his work activity has mainly focused on the industrial sector, for the construction and renovation of steel and reinforced concrete warehouses.

Massimo Lapi, PhD. Engineer,

Director of the company and civil engineering freelancer, in 2020 he obtained an International PhD in Civil Engineering from the Nova University of Lisbon and the University of Florence. At the latter university he was a Construction Technique lecturer (ICAR / 09) and provided assistance in the laboratory activities relating to the course held by Prof. Maurizio Orlando in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is registered in the order of engineers in the province of Florence under no. 7118 from 21-02-2017. His work is mainly focused on the structural design of new buildings, on the static and seismic vulnerability assessments of existing buildings and infrastructures as well as on the design of static adaptation and seismic improvement interventions.


BL-SOLUTIONS S.R.L. can count on a consolidated group of qualified engineers, all of whom are operating in the Florence (FI) headquarters, available to its customers by offering high quality services, and all the necessary support for the design, definition and implementation of the intervention as well as implementation and optimization of the building process via construction management.

The activity of our professional studio is based on continuously updated scientific and technical instrumentation based on research and innovation, fully in line with the incessant and increasingly rapid demand of the technological evolution.

This overall performance is also further optimized by external specialized professionals with whom we collaborate on a regular basis, providing the appropriate advice and performance across various phases of the construction of the work, from preliminary design to the obtaining of the authorizations, from the structural executive design and plant engineering to the management of the construction site, all the way right up to wrapping up the work. The whole group shares a passion for civil engineering and for the design, construction and maintenance of structures and infrastructures.

Our certifications

BL-SOLUTIONS S.R.L. uses the ISO 9001:2015-compliant quality management system for its operational unit at 52 Viale Don Minzoni in Florence. Working in quality means meeting customer needs and exceeding their own expectations while continuing to improve.
BL-SOLUTIONS S.R.L. is a member of OICE (Association of Architectural Engineering and Technical-Economic Consulting Organizations). OICE is the home of those who do business in the technical professions and integrated engineering in an innovative and successful way in Italy and around the world.

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