BL-SOLUTIONS has developed the SISMOCLASS software in order to facilitate architects in their seismic classification of buildings

SISMOCLASS is the first online portal in Italy dedicated to determining the seismic risk class of buildings both with the free simplified method as well as with the conventional method in accordance with the D.M. 65 of 7 March 2017 and subsequent amendments.

SISMOCLASS is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that makes it easier for the architect to make the calculation of the PAM (Average Annual Loss Expected) and the calculation of the IS-V safety index.

The software requires just a few simple pieces of input and then it automatically draws up the sworn certification of the seismic risk necessary for the client to be able to access tax incentives.

BL-SOLUTIONS has invested in the development of SISMOCLASS in order to create an Italian network of professionals in the sector who can contribute to forming a single database dedicated to the seismic vulnerability of the heritage of Italian buildings, sharing their classifications online.

To access SISMOCLASS, just click on the button below and register for free on the Portal.

We invite all interested professionals to subscribe to SISMOCLASS; this way you can stay up to date on all the news regarding the software.
Registration is free and protected by the current Privacy Law (DPGR 2018).

To register on the SISMOCLASS portal, all you have to do is just hit the button below and enter your data. Registration is fast, free and protected by current privacy legislation.

Data entry is protected by the current privacy legislation, DPGR 2018. By registering on the SISMOCLASS portal, the user authorizes BL-SOLUTIONS to process their personal data in full compliance with the provisions of the DPGR2018 regulation on the subject of "protection of personal data". BL-SOLUTIONS wants to make it clear that the data reported here will be used for internal use only and will not ever be disseminated.

A great deal of work and resources have been dedicated to the development of SISMOCLASS and its related documentation. The online program has been used and tested thoroughly. By choosing to use them, however, the user accepts and understands that no guarantee on their accuracy is expressly or implicitly offered by the manufacturers or distributors. The user has the responsibility to clearly understand the assumptions of the program and to independently verify the results. BL-SOLUTIONS cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from its use. This publication or any part of it cannot be reproduced in any form, in any way or for any purpose, without the authorization of BL-SOLUTIONS and its very authors

SISMOCLASS is an easy-to-use online portal for calculating the seismic risk class of a building with a simplified and conventional methodology.


Based on a macroseismic classification of the building, this is something that is intended to be used for a quick assessment of the Risk Class of masonry buildings only; it can be used both for an indicative preliminary assessment as well as to assess, always limited to masonry buildings, the risk class in relation to the adoption of local interventions. It does not require any purchase by the user, only registration on the portal. Non necessita di nessun acquisto da parte dell’utente, solo la registrazione al portale.


Applicable to any type of construction, this approach is based on the application of the normal methods of analysis envisaged by the current Technical Standards for Construction (NTC2008) and allows for the evaluation of the PAM and the IS-V index, providing the risk class of the construction both in its de facto state as well as taking into consideration any consequent future interventions.

Purchase of licenses for conventional classifications

The user can decide whether to purchase individual licenses for a one-time use of the program or the annual subscription. The costs of these products are shown below:

  • Seismic classification of the current state of affairs (1 accreditation) - cost: € 6 + VAT

  • Seismic classification for improvement/adaptation project (1 credit) - cost: € 10 + VAT

  • Annual subscription for unlimited classifications (valid for 12 months) - cost: € 50 + VAT

  • 30-month subscription for unlimited classifications (valid for 30 months) - cost: € 100 + VAT

  • Simplified method completely free for our users